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With this year性视界传媒檚 presidential election fast approaching, a core feature of American politics has come into focus: Both political parties are throbbing with tribal-driven flip-flops and contradictory zigzags. Lacking coherent intellectual underpinnings, Democrats and Republicans lurch from on…

First, it was Toys 性视界传媒淩性视界传媒 Us; then, Bed Bath & Beyond; and now, perhaps the most personally painful demise of a legendary franchise that helped to shape my psyche (and my penchant for complimentary appetizers), our local Red Lobster, along with over 90 other locations nationwide, recently b…

Among the most intriguing fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen is one called 性视界传媒淭he Most Incredible Thing.性视界传媒 It tells of a contest held among the men of a kingdom to accomplish just that.

Even as oil and natural gas production in Texas and the United States have been increasing rapidly, new data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration indicates that proved reserves are also hitting record highs. Basically, we性视界传媒檙e finding new reserves faster than we can extract them fro…

We性视界传媒檝e all heard sayings such as 性视界传媒渟ilence is golden,性视界传媒 性视界传媒渟ilence speaks volumes,性视界传媒 or 性视界传媒渋f you remain silent, you could be a part of the problem!性视界传媒

Donald Trump is finally on trial. And many think he might finally pay for his crimes (or at least some of them). Some even believe a conviction and jail sentence could prevent Trump from retaking the presidency if he wins the election in November.

As I sit here in what some call God性视界传媒檚 Waiting Room, I can性视界传媒檛 help but feel a whirlwind of emotions. The words that echo in my mind, bouncing off the walls, are disbelief, anger and a profound sense of lack of compassion.

I性视界传媒檓 too young to remember the campus convulsions of the 1960s, but older friends who were there tell me that the growing campus protest movement against U.S. support for Israel性视界传媒檚 war in Palestine bears a striking resemblance to those days.

Since the expiration of COVID-19-related provisions requiring states to keep residents enrolled in Medicaid, an estimated 2.1 million Texans have lost their coverage. Texas has by far the highest number of uninsured residents in the country and has removed significantly more individuals from…

New census data confirms what many people around the state have observed 性视界传媒 Texas metropolitan areas and the surrounding counties are seeing a notable population surge.

Because I性视界传媒檓 a professional practitioner of the pedagogical arts (known in some parts as fancy book learnin性视界传媒), I性视界传媒檓 privileged to enjoy a spring break holiday that usually falls during the same week my semi-grown daughters are also out of school.

For local readers who implore me to take my aim off Donald Trump性视界传媒檚 misdeeds in these columns, I性视界传媒檓 sparing the bankruptcy-bound grifter (unless he性视界传媒檚 bailed out again by the Saudis or Russians) at least this one time.

As recently reported by the Marshall Project, conditions in America性视界传媒檚 federal prisons are getting worse. Among the problems highlighted at a recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing involving federal prisons director Collette Peters: hundreds of preventable deaths of people in federal jails…

Recent revelations about Donald Trump性视界传媒檚 criminal presidency seem to cool some of the ardor shown toward him. So I性视界传媒檓 wondering if it性视界传媒檚 having an impact on local Trump boosters who won性视界传媒檛 admit he lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden.

As a veteran civil rights attorney, I have often been struck about how quickly a leader性视界传媒檚 legacy disappears from one generation to the next. Perhaps this is because, as a society, we do not do a good job of creating a narrative about important leaders, which we pass on to our children and th…

Sitting here in God性视界传媒檚 Waiting Room, the word 性视界传媒渟cared性视界传媒 keeps bouncing off the walls. The source is the words of a young woman who wants to start a family but is afraid to do so. No, not for medical or financial reasons 性视界传媒 she is scared for the future of our country and what kind of a world she…

With Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas性视界传媒 impeachment secured, House Republicans can now set their sights on President Joe Biden. To this end, Republicans in the House Judiciary Committee recently grilled special counsel Robert Hur regarding his investigation into Biden性视界传媒檚 handling…

One of the scariest prospects of a second presidential term for Donald Trump is his threat to repeal the Affordable Care Act, often called Obamacare, that has 24 million Americans enrolled in basic health care plans.

When people look at political questions through a partisan lens, they apply their own personal gloss to the world. They reflexively interpret events in favor of their own tribe and against the other side. This distorts empirical reality, which is completely independent from such subjective m…

Is there no end to the insanity that drives Donald Trump and his minions to assure his re-election in November? Here性视界传媒檚 a blueprint for a radical scheme as promulgated in an opinion piece by Rex Huppke in USA Today:

The indispensable line between politics and criminal justice in America is disintegrating. Politicians, pundits and everyday people 性视界传媒 from both sides of the tribal divide 性视界传媒 increasingly want their political opponents prosecuted.

Attorney General Ken Paxton性视界传媒檚 recent legal assault on El Paso性视界传媒檚 Annunciation House should set off alarm bells across Texas性视界传媒 religious community. He claims, absurdly, without proof that the Catholic nonprofit organization is illegally 性视界传媒渟muggling性视界传媒 undocumented immigrants.

Some folks who respond to my columns with rebuttal letters to the editor often ask why I write so many negative things about Donald Trump. The answer is simple 性视界传媒 he性视界传媒檚 such a target-rich subject that every time he opens his mouth with another lie, it becomes instant click-bait.

A couple of days ago, I retrieved one (of about a hundred) of our family doglets性视界传媒 chew bones from the seemingly unreachable chasm under my youngest and quietest daughter性视界传媒檚 bed using an ingenious invention of my own making 性视界传媒 namely a straightened-out wire clothes hanger.

Strengthening our economy is key to securing the future of our nation. With all Texans, including manufacturers, experiencing economic uncertainty such as inflation and high interest rates, Congress needs to do its part in shoring up our economic resilience.

Sitting here in God性视界传媒檚 Waiting Room, the word RESPECT keeps flying around the room and bouncing off the walls. Perhaps it is the result of the outrageous noise emitting from news channels on the TV. Or it may be something printed in a newspaper or magazine. Whatever the cause, it requires inv…

Now that my age has surpassed the mid-century mark and I性视界传媒檓 more ancient than virtually all professional athletes, everyone in my department at work, and even my pastor at church, I性视界传媒檝e noticed that the old memory is not what it used to .... wait. What was I writing about again?

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Barbara Wilson (letter, Jan. 28) accused me of having an 性视界传媒漮bsessive compulsive disorder性视界传媒 for my unrelenting commentaries that explain that Donald Trump is more than a bad candidate. He性视界传媒檚 really a miserable human being.

A key tenet of the rule of law is that individuals should only be prosecuted for their specific alleged misdeeds 性视界传媒 not who they are generally. It性视界传媒檚 essential to American democracy that this principle be honored for all potential criminal defendants.

Former President Trump recently had a record-setting campaign victory in Iowa. Polls indicate he is ahead in upcoming primaries. He will unquestionably be the candidate a majority of Republican voters want to see on the national ticket.

The votes to impeach Attorney General Ken Paxton still reverberate here in Texas. At first they sounded in our Capitol, then on billboards, social media and phones preceding the Senate trial. Now they clang in campaigns.

Colleges and universities have a variety of missions in society, but one of them is not capitulating to politicians性视界传媒 whims as The University of Texas at Austin recently did by abolishing its scholarship support program for undocumented students.