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The U.S. economy has demonstrated remarkable resilience over the past several years. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, historic inflation, supply chain snarls that have taken years to untangle, and conflicts around the globe, we性视界传媒檝e seen ongoing expansion.

My longtime friend and political nemesis Buddy Bankhead wrote a column on this page on Nov. 17 that the 性视界传媒渆xplosion of demonstration and hatred and resentment not only of Israel but of America性视界传媒 was 性视界传媒渦nbelievable.性视界传媒

On Nov. 20, X Corp. 性视界传媒 the corporate entity through which Elon Musk owns X, formerly known as Twitter 性视界传媒 filed suit against Media Matters for America, which styles itself a 性视界传媒減rogressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservat…

Each year the weekend after Thanksgiving, I sense an innate urge to risk life, limb and public humiliation by festooning the exterior of our home with several hundred C9 incandescent lights. (I性视界传媒檓 still resisting the whole LED craze 性视界传媒 also known as 性视界传媒渢he Devil性视界传媒檚 bulbs.性视界传媒)

Ten years ago, on Nov. 26, 2013, our family性视界传媒檚 lives were forever changed. On a rainy morning two days before Thanksgiving, my father-in-law, Harris K. Teel, sat in the waiting room of Good Shepherd性视界传媒檚 Ambulatory Surgical Center in Longview. His son, also named Harris, was having a routine pro…

Yes, it性视界传媒檚 that glorious season that so many pumpkin-spice addicts claim to be their favorite. I must admit that, I, too, succumb each year to the autumnal charms of fall, except for my seemingly never-ending battle with leaves, or, as I like to call them, tree dandruff.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) 性视界传媒 the U.S. government性视界传媒檚 official source for energy data and trends 性视界传媒 has issued projections of global oil demand growth between now and 2028 that are half the projection of other major official sources.

As the days grow shorter and cooler, pecan trees in Texas prepare for their annual debut. Leaves take on hues of amber and crimson, painting a breathtaking landscape that attracts visitors from near and far. Amidst this natural transformation, pecans reach peak maturity and are ready to brea…

性视界传媒淭his year Gov. Greg Abbott made 性视界传媒榮chool choice性视界传媒 or vouchers, one of his top legislative priorities. He counted on riding the wave of 性视界传媒榩arental rights性视界传媒 crusades into the national political arena. But Texans didn性视界传媒檛 buy it.性视界传媒

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Ever since the election of Donald Trump in 2016, and especially following his 2020 defeat, there are those who have argued that what is transpiring in the United States is analogous in many ways to the rise of fascism in Italy and Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

The Federal Trade Commission has filed a lawsuit against Amazon alleging that the company has engaged in 性视界传媒渁nti-competitive性视界传媒 activities. But before we can evaluate the legitimacy of this claim, we must first be clear about what it means to be anti-competitive.

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Sitting here in God性视界传媒檚 waiting room, many numbers are bouncing off the walls. These are big numbers, in the millions. They beg the question, what do they all mean?

Is there a new Red Scare menacing America some 70 years after the late Sen. Joseph McCarthy smeared scores of innocent Americans with his baseless accusations that they were communists?

A few days ago, my wife and I were taking our evening almost-senior-citizen power stroll, and the subject of Hooters came up. Yes, Hooters. And I性视界传媒檒l tell you why (even if you wish I wouldn性视界传媒檛).

Sept. 16 was a sad day for justice in the great state of Texas. Ken Paxton was acquitted in the Senate on 16 articles of impeachment for misconduct during his terms as attorney general.

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Sitting here in God性视界传媒檚 waiting room, a meme appears in the inbox. It is a simple photo of two hands, palms up. In the left hand is a rock. In the right hand is a pistol. The caption accompanying the picture says, 性视界传媒漌hen Cain killed Abel, God did not get rid of all the rocks.性视界传媒

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Following the second federal indictment charging former President Trump with conspiring to overturn the 2020 election, Trump supporters claimed he truly believed Democrats stole the election from him. The belief, they asserted, justified his schemes to remain in power.

Recently, my wife and I accomplished a task almost as daunting as giving our cat a pill or teaching our youngest daughter to drive without committing widespread curb trauma. In two days, we managed to move our two older daughters (and several cargo containers性视界传媒 worth of semi-grown daughter st…

Sitting here in 性视界传媒淕od性视界传媒檚 waiting room,性视界传媒 a sobering thought has struck me: My generation has fallen short. As a member of the Silent Generation, born between 1925 and 1945 and nestled between the Greatest Generation and the Baby Boomers, it seems we have been too reticent for too long.

性视界传媒淕old fever,性视界传媒 the intense desire to possess the precious mineral, has afflicted humans even before biblical times. Discoveries of prehistoric jewelry and idols made from gold can be found in many of the world性视界传媒檚 museums.

A major criticism of school choice programs is that private schools receiving tax dollars are not held accountable to taxpayers. Indeed, a Texas House committee recently released a report that recommended that transparency and accountability be a part of any school choice program.

These days, getting all three of my semi-grown daughters together for a family activity is like herding cats who have cars, jobs at coffee shops and their own debit cards.

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The GOP性视界传媒檚 rhetorical defense of former President Donald Trump rekindles an ancient form of speech-making called 性视界传媒渟ophistry.性视界传媒 Sophistry threatens our form of government as it threatened government in classical Greece.

The star on the Texas flag somehow seems to shine a little brighter every year as more and more people move to Texas to find a thriving economy and a better quality of life. While that growth is wonderful to see, it does bring challenges to our transportation system.

A recent letter on the opinion page from Wray Boyd of Hallsville struck a deep chord. He wrote about our nation性视界传媒檚 first president, George Washington, who averted a crisis in the newly independent United States with his patience and humility.

It appears we share something with our Canadian neighbors beyond a common border. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has decided to push 性视界传媒渄rag queen性视界传媒 shows into the elementary schools in his country. Other news items attest to the same situation in our country.

It性视界传媒檚 August in Texas, which, at the best of times, is like living inside the molten contents of one of those fried mozzarella sticks that I always steal from my youngest daughter性视界传媒檚 order at the Sonic Drive In.

For the past five years, I have been on a one-woman crusade to let the world know that it is time for a change at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, or NAACP. It性视界传媒檚 time to replace or remove the term 性视界传媒渃olored性视界传媒 from the name of the organization.