The man charged in the June murder of a Taco Bell employee in Longview appears to have been looking for trouble in the days leading up to the attempted robbery.

Brent Deluca, a 31-year-old Gilmer resident, was arrested following the early morning shooting June 26 in the Taco Bell parking lot at Judson Road and Loop 281. The restaurant性视界传媒檚 employees were in the parking lot because of a power outage in the area when Deluca tried to rob the store and shot a worker, police said.

The victim was identified as Rayleene Smithson, according to CBS19.

When Deluca was arrested the following day, he also was charged with being a felon in possession of 性视界传媒渕etal or body armor性视界传媒 in relation to a June 21 incident. That性视界传媒檚 when Longview police responded to a call at Hospitality Health ER on McCann Road in response to a report of a 性视界传媒渟uspicious person,性视界传媒 according to a report detailing the reason Deluca should be charged.

An off-duty Kilgore police officer working at the freestanding emergency room reported the incident.

性视界传媒(The Kilgore police officer) stated to (a Longview police officer) that he observed a vehicle, which was actively running, with the defendant sitting inside appearing to be wearing body armor via a bullet resistant vest,性视界传媒 the report states. 性视界传媒淭he Kilgore police (officer) also located what was believed to be a firearm suppressor concealed in the defender性视界传媒檚 pants.性视界传媒

Longview police Detective Olivia Powell watched the body worn camera video of the Longview police officer who responded 性视界传媒渁nd observed (Deluca) wearing a tropical print short sleeve button up shirt with, once unbuttoned, what appeared to be a multi-dark colored ballistic vest and a short sleeved shirt underneath the vest,性视界传媒 the report states. 性视界传媒(Powell) reviewed the defendant性视界传媒檚 criminal history which showed him to have at least one felony conviction for evading arrest (with a vehicle or watercraft) in the 115th District Court (in) Gilmer, a felony third degree, conviction date, Feb 28, 2012.性视界传媒

Deluca is being held in the Gregg County Jai on $500,000 bond on the charge of capital murder by terroristic threat and a $100,000 bond on the charge of unlawful possession of metal or body armor.

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