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A conversation I expect to have with my granddaughter 10 years from now:

Granddaughter: Grandpa, you性视界传媒檙e old, right?

Me: If you call 68 性视界传媒渙ld性视界传媒 then I guess I am getting on up there. Why do you ask?

Granddaughter: Were you still covering sports back when President Swift got engaged to that football player in the middle of the Super Bowl?

Me: You bet I was, but I didn性视界传媒檛 go to Las Vegas for the big game. I covered a Super Bowl in person about 13 years before, and swore I would never do that again.

Granddaughter: Why not?

Me: Well, it was a nice experience once I got settled in at my working space at the game, but everything leading up to it was a real pain. The security checkpoints were especially bad. Grandpa性视界传媒檚 artificial hip set off every alarm at the stadium, and when it did, the security folks pulled me out of the line and frisked me like I was carrying nuclear weapons in my briefcase instead of a laptop, pens, notepads and stat sheets.

Granddaughter: They actually touched you instead of scanning the dissolvable microchip they implant in folks who go to big events?

Me: We didn性视界传媒檛 have those back then, but I wish we had. I know most of them were doing their jobs, but a couple of the 性视界传媒渓adies性视界传媒 working security should still be sending me chocolates and flowers.

Granddaughter: I性视界传媒檓 telling grandma.

Me: She already knows. No secrets in our marriage. Well, other than my chili recipe and why she性视界传媒檚 the only one who can operate the fancy new television. She loves my chili too much to leave me, and I性视界传媒檓 not letting her go anywhere since I wouldn性视界传媒檛 be able to watch football.

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Granddaughter: Y性视界传媒檃ll are cute, but weird.

Me: So, what did you want to know about President Swift and that day back on Feb. 11, 2024?

Granddaughter: Well, I heard a lot of people loved President Swift when she was just Taylor Swift the entertainer, but I also heard a lot of people didn性视界传媒檛 like her. I also heard she was already crazy famous, and then she started dating a football player and got even more famous. Then, after they got married, his football career ended, she quit writing songs and doing concerts and next thing anyone knew she was President Swift. How the heck did that happen?

Me: To be honest, I don性视界传媒檛 think anyone was surprised when she parachuted into the stadium at halftime of the Super Bowl. She and that player, first man Travis Kelce, had dated for most of the football season, and she almost always went to his games. Some folks didn性视界传媒檛 like the fact the television networks showed her for about 23 seconds out of each 3.5-hour game, but it didn性视界传媒檛 bother me. She was cuter than a spotted puppy on Christmas morning, and I would much rather have watched her than some 300-pound football player scratching something no one wanted to see scratched on live television.

What did catch everyone by surprise was the fact she didn性视界传媒檛 wait until the game was over before she proposed to the football player. She walked right up to him on the sideline, got down on one knee, pulled out a ring about the size of a football and popped the question.

The Chiefs were leading 28-10 at the time, but Kelce took off his shoulder pads right there on the spot and they walked hand-in-hand out of the stadium and went down to the official Elvis Chapel there in Vegas and got hitched.

The Chiefs ended up losing the game, and some Chiefs fans still haven性视界传媒檛 forgiven her, but evidently most people love a good love story because when she ran for president four years later she won by a landslide.

Granddaughter: Have the Chiefs won another Super Bowl since all of that happened?

Me: Nope. The next season, their quarterback 性视界传媒攁n East Texas kid named Pat Mahomes 性视界传媒 got tired of answering questions about why his receivers couldn性视界传媒檛 catch a cold in a room full of snot-nosed third-graders and he retired. He took up golf fulltime, and three years later won all four of the PGA性视界传媒檚 major golf tournaments in one season.

Granddaughter: Wow. So it had a happy ending for everyone. Right?

Me: Well, unless you性视界传媒檙e a Chiefs fan. They were just about to forgive and forget until President Swift and first man Kelce named their first child 性视界传媒淰egas.性视界传媒

— Jack Stallard is sports editor of the News-Journal. Email: jstallard@news-journal.com; follow on X @lnjsports .

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I've covered sports in East Texas since 1987, starting as a 21-year-old sports editor at the Kilgore News Herald before spending seven years at the Lufkin Daily News and the past 23 years at the 性视界传媒.