Marriage license

Marriage licenses filed from Nov. 13-24 in the Gregg County Clerk性视界传媒檚 Office:

James Devon Doyle and Betty Derrick Reynolds

Thomas Carey Morell and Andrea Kay Jones

Eber Josue Argueta Flores and Karol Yaquelin Melendez Bardales

Robert Christopher Robinson and Jamie Renae Brizendine

Kish Leon Carlton and Julie Rae Buendia Salinas

Jakob Waine Scoggins and Brooklyn Marie Keenan

Rusty Wayne Drake and Marsha Gaines Davis

Christopher Michael Bonds and Haley Carolle Russell

Chanley Alan Buckley and Sarah Elizabeth Donald

Caillou Isaiah Mentzer and Chelby Latric Martinez

James Austin Perry and Hannah Brie Howard

Stephen Ray McFarland and Lori Kay McRight

Alberto Perez and Susana G. Bustamante

Jeffery Allen Smith and Samantha Marie Kanniard

David Alexander Tindall and Lila Meredith Robinett

Bo Layne Scott and Kendra Dayl Gilbreath

Edson Orlando Lopez Gutierrez and Esmeralda Juarez

Victoria Michele Baldwin and Logan Griffin Goley

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Muhammad Rizwan Sulaiman and Fiza Ali Khan

Michael Lynn Risher and Jason Neil Baker

Jared Ryan Wilson and Carson Helena Owens

Daniel Lee Robertson and Rayne Katherine Byrd

Pritesh Sudhir Kumar and Bhumi Jitendrakumar Patel

Zachary David Clark and Jena Suzanne Corley

Jonathan Eli Hernandez and Yubili Cristal Aguilar Aguilar

Jeremy Ray Glover and Ashley Dawn Bodenheimer

Andrew Carter Barr and Rachel Annette Quintanilla

Carlos Jasso and Jasso Diana Escobedo

LaQuinton George Ferguson and Chatina Anntranette Jones

Brent Hardy Creacy and Monica Rose Sanchez

Billy Jack Lemons and Donna Jo Dutcher

Jawun Rashad Jiles and Damallie Alyssa Ortiz

Marvin Leonard Drennan and Laura Gene Drennan

Arvizu Saul Guerrero and Rosalba Abrego Rodriguez

Hunter Austin Gray and Amanda Rodrigues Machado

Marco Antonio Munoz Celis and Micaella Balderas Casas