Eastman Chemical Co. announced Monday that it will invest more than $1.2 billion to build its second U.S. molecular recycling facility just outside of Longview in Harrison County.

The project will mark the single-largest capital investment in the history of the Longview Economic Development Corp., according to LEDCO.

It also will create more than 200 full-time jobs as well as another 1,000 temporary jobs during construction, according to information from Gov. Greg Abbott性视界传媒檚 office.

No firm timeline for construction has been set.

性视界传媒淲e have been targeting mechanical completion in the 2026/2027 timeframe,性视界传媒 Eastman said in a statement. 性视界传媒淗owever, we will be expanding the scope of the project to include thermal batteries and solar energy. We will be working through the details and then refining the timeline and will provide an update when appropriate.性视界传媒

Eastman had announced a little more than a year ago that Longview was under consideration for the new facility, but other locations also were in the running. Eastman reported earlier this month that its first molecular recycling facility, in Kingsport, Tennessee, is ramping up production and already generating revenue.

The Longview project will include operations that will prepare mixed plastic waste for processing, Eastman性视界传媒檚 next-generation molecular recycling unit to depolymerize waste and a polymer facility to create virgin-quality materials for packaging and textiles, according to LEDCO.

The new Longview facility will have the capacity to annually recycle about 110,000 metric tons of hard-to-recycle plastic waste.

In addition to the Longview facility, Eastman also plans to invest in a molecular recycling plant in France.

The U.S. Department of Energy selected Eastman性视界传媒檚 Longview project for up to $375 million in funding.

性视界传媒淓astman性视界传媒檚 planned project in Longview is aligned with the (department性视界传媒檚) goal of catalyzing industry-wide change to a low-carbon future,性视界传媒 according to the company.

性视界传媒淲e are excited to build our second U.S. world-scale molecular recycling facility at our existing site in Texas,性视界传媒 said Mark Costa, board chair and CEO, in a statement. 性视界传媒淭he plant will remove significant waste from the region, enable true circularity and set a new benchmark for decarbonization. We have decades of history successfully operating in Longview, and this will be a great investment for the local community.性视界传媒

Along with the investment in the new Longview plant, Eastman committed to about $20 million in grants for its Community Benefits Plan, which will include an expansion of its apprenticeship program .

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Gregg and Harrison county officials who spoke Monday at a news conference said multiple financial incentives were used to persuade Eastman to locate the new facility in Longview.

Hallsville ISD Superintendent John Martin said the district signed a Chapter 313 agreement with Eastman that will reduce the company性视界传媒檚 property taxes.

Harrison County agreed to 100 percent property tax abatement for seven years then a 60 percent reduction until 2033.

性视界传媒淐ertainly, we want to provide incentives for Eastman to bring the new business here and to stay here and to grow,性视界传媒 said Harrison County Judge Chad Sims. 性视界传媒淲e believe the long-term effects over time will be much greater than these dollars we give up.性视界传媒

Longview Mayor Andy Mack said details of the city性视界传媒檚 industrial agreement with the company can性视界传媒檛 yet be released as it is still being finalized. The agreement will be voted on in by the City Council in September.

According to Eastman officials, the Longview site was selected because of 性视界传媒渟ynergies with existing infrastructure and operations, favorable energy supply and footprint and access to western and central U.S. feedstock pools,性视界传媒 LEDCO said in a statement.

性视界传媒淲e have decades of history successfully operating in Longview, and this will be a great investment for the local community,性视界传媒 Costa said. 性视界传媒淲e deeply appreciate the support of Governor Abbott and the state of Texas for its continued collaboration.

性视界传媒淲e are excited to work with the state and continue our legacy in Texas for generations to come by building this world-scale plant that will remove significant plastic waste from the region and create true circularity all while setting a new benchmark for decarbonization.性视界传媒

LEDCO said its focus on legacy industry relationships helped to facilitate Eastman性视界传媒檚 interest in locating its expansion in Longview.

性视界传媒淏ecause Eastman性视界传媒檚 impact stretches throughout the region, LEDCO brought in local and state partners including the city of Longview, Harrison County, Marshall Economic Development Corporation, the Hallsville ISD board and Gov. Greg Abbott to collaborate and develop an incentive package to support the new investment at the Longview site,性视界传媒 LEDCO said.

Mack said Monday that the average salary of jobs at the new facility would be $90,000.

性视界传媒淚 am thrilled with the announcement of Eastman性视界传媒檚 plans to make such a large investment at their Longview facility,性视界传媒 he said. 性视界传媒淥ut of all the places in the United States, they chose us and for that, I could not be more grateful.性视界传媒

Eastman opened its Longview plant in 1952. It employs more than 1,500 people.

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