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This upcoming Great Texas Balloon Race is set to bring five special shape balloons 性视界传媒 one more than the previous year性视界传媒檚 event 性视界传媒 and this year, they性视界传媒檙e all animal themed.

At 7 a.m. June 14 and 15, community members can see Yellow Bird, Tiny the Fire Dog, Bandit Raccoon and Rocket the Flying Squirrel at locations around Longview.

Koola Koala is set to inflate at 7 p.m. both days.

Locations of each balloon are:

飦 Koola Koala: 4108 W. Loop 281;

飦 Yellow Bird: 415 American Legion Blvd.;

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飦 Tiny the Fire Dog: 3500 McCann Road;

飦 Bandit Raccoon: 3133 Good Shepherd Way; and

飦 Rocket the Flying Squirrel: 1504 S. Martin Luther King Junior Blvd.

Below is a Google Map with the five special shape balloons, their locations and when you can see them. Click the desired balloon for turn-by-turn directions:

For information about the Great Texas Balloon Race, including a schedule, musical acts and tickets, go to .