Cassandra Renee James, left, and Linda Kaye Brown Lister

A former principal and assistant principal at J.L. Everhart Elementary School in Longview ISD face new charges in relation to allegations they abused special education students.

Cassandra Renee James, 49, former principal at J.L. Everhart, and Linda Kaye Brown Lister, 62, former assistant principal at the campus, were each indicted on a single charge of endangering a child in 2022.

The indictments against them appeared to involve the same child, listed by the initials 性视界传媒淛.G.性视界传媒 who was younger than 15. Each charge appears to be related to the same incident on Sept. 7, 2021, when the indictments accuse each woman of placing the child 性视界传媒渋n imminent danger of death, bodily injury, and physical and mental impairment by swinging a paddle toward and near the head of J.G. and the defendant did not voluntarily deliver J.G. to a designated emergency infant care provider性视界传媒 as required by state law.

In December, each woman was indicted on 16 additional charges of endangering or injuring eight children. The additional charges include accusations they injured children 14 or younger by hitting a child, pushing or dragging the child by the arms, encouraging one child to hit another, sitting on a child, hitting a child with a shoe, striking a child with a cardboard tube, striking a child with a stick, striking a child with a backpack and striking a child with a ruler.

The incidents are reported to have occurred in September and October 2021.

The two women are among six former J.L. Everhart staff members charged in the case.

In October, former teacher性视界传媒檚 aide Paula Hawkins Dixon, 60, pleaded guilty to her involvement in the allegations of the abuse of special education students. She was sentenced to eight years in prison.

None of the remaining former Longview ISD employees charged in the case have gone to trial.

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