This footage was filmed and produced 18 February 2024. [Note: no sound] A breathtaking drone video capturing a massive plume of smoke billowing from a mountain in Yachi, Qixingguan District, located in the city of Bijie, Guizhou province, has shocked viewers worldwide. The footage, recorded on 18th February, depicts the intense wildfire that engulfed the area, with firefighters swiftly mobilizing to combat the flames. In the video, local firefighters can be seen racing against time to extinguish the fire, displaying their courageous efforts in the face of adversity. The blaze was so ferocious that even helicopters attempting to douse the flames were forced to retreat due to the dense smoke. Residents of the area also joined forces with the firefighting units to help contain the wildfire, showcasing a remarkable sense of community spirit in the midst of crisis. Authorities from the Qixingguan District were quick to respond, coordinating various emergency forces to tackle the escalating situation. Despite initial challenges posed by strong winds that fueled the fire's rapid spread, containment efforts were successfully initiated. The fire lines, isolating the affected area, were crucial in preventing further escalation of the blaze. Fortunately, there have been no reported casualties as a result of the wildfire, although investigations into its cause are currently underway.