Iran性视界传媒檚 military has reportedly killed a senior Jaish-al-Adl militant group commander and some of his companions. The armed clash happened inside Pakistan性视界传媒檚 territory a month after two countries conducted airstrikes against each other. Notably, this is first such instance after the conclusion of the recent general elections in Pakistan. Formed in 2012, Jaish al-Adl is designated as a "terrorist" organization by Iran. It is a Sunni terrorist group that operates in Iran's southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchistan (Info Source- Al Arabiya News). The group has a history of carrying out attacks against the Iranian security forces. Weeks after the airstrikes were carried out, two nations mutually agreed to expand security cooperation. On Jan 16, Iran had carried out airstrikes in Pakistan性视界传媒檚 territory and then the latter withdrew its ambassador. On Jan 18, Pakistan retaliated and carried out airstrikes saying that it attacked 性视界传媒榯errorist militant organisations性视界传媒. Pakistan had said that they can resolve 性视界传媒渕isunderstandings性视界传媒 quickly but the recent strike depict the opposite.