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MARSHALL 性视界传媒 East Texas Baptist University recently concluded its annual Spiritual Renewal 2024 event, held on campus from Jan. 29-31.

The event featured guest speaker Lance Shumake, teaching pastor and elder for Crosspoint Community Church in Rockwall, along with Music Minister David Berryhill (性视界传媒94) from First Baptist Church of Kilgore, who led worship alongside ETBU性视界传媒檚 student worship band.

The event性视界传媒檚 theme, 性视界传媒淎ll Things New,性视界传媒 drew inspiration from Isaiah 43:16-19.

性视界传媒淚n Isaiah 43:16-19, the prophet is speaking to the Israelites about the trustworthiness of God to deliver them from exile,性视界传媒 ETBU性视界传媒檚 Dean of Spiritual Life Scott Stevens said. 性视界传媒淗e speaks about God性视界传媒檚 redemptive grace toward His people as he points to the mighty acts of God in the exodus from Egypt. Next, he proclaims that God is doing something new! Where God once led the Israelites through water (the Red Sea), He will now 性视界传媒榤ake a way in the wilderness,性视界传媒 providing streams for them in the desert.性视界传媒

This year性视界传媒檚 Spiritual Renewal emphasis focused on reminding the ETBU family of Jesus性视界传媒 redemptive promises and plans found in Scripture to reconcile those who place their faith in Him.

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性视界传媒淕od is still doing new things and wants to do things in our lives,性视界传媒 Stevens continued. 性视界传媒淔or Him to accomplish this, we may also need to 性视界传媒榝orget the former things,性视界传媒 both past successes and failures. At the beginning of a new year and a new semester, this event always serves as a refreshing opportunity to prompt our students to consider what new thing God wants to accomplish in and through them.性视界传媒

Students, faculty and staff were invited to participate in the annual three-day event, which featured added opportunities to gather in worship on Monday and Tuesday nights. ETBU students were able to lead worship alongside David Berryhill, who expressed his appreciation to be back on campus for the special occasion.

性视界传媒淭his week on the Hill exceeded all my expectations,性视界传媒 Berryhill shared. 性视界传媒淭o lead alongside ETBU students as an alumnus was an incredible privilege for me. For three days I was back on the stage in Baker Chapel singing toward heaven with the best students to be found on any campus in the state. Their desire to grow deeper in Christ, coupled with their pursuit of excellence in all things, was an inspiration to me.性视界传媒

The final worship service was held Wednesday morning in Baker Chapel. Guest speaker Shumake left those in attendance with a final encouragement.

性视界传媒淚n this world, you性视界传媒檙e going to have trouble,性视界传媒 Shumake said. 性视界传媒淛esus tells us, 性视界传媒楾hey are going to persecute you because they persecuted me.性视界传媒 There性视界传媒檚 going to be challenges and obstacles. You性视界传媒檙e going to be ostracized, marginalized, and dismissed because of your beliefs. But the good news of the Gospel is that there性视界传媒檚 a day coming when He is going to make everything new 性视界传媒 He性视界传媒檚 going to fix it all. Everyone who has placed their faith in Him will have all of eternity to look forward to, knowing He is going to wipe away every tear and delete all mourning, sadness, and sickness.性视界传媒