QUESTION: How much money does Longview ISD receive from the state under its three SB 1882 charters annually that operate all campuses? What other East Texas districts are SB 1882 charters and receive this additional funding?

ANSWER: The Texas Legislature adopted Senate Bill 1882 in 2017. It 性视界传媒減rovides incentives for districts to contract to partner with an open-enrollment charter school, institutions of higher education, non-profits, or government entities,性视界传媒 according to information on the Texas Education Agency性视界传媒檚 website.

性视界传媒淓ach partnered campus that meets eligibility requirements is entitled to receive the greater of either the amount of state funding to which the district would be entitled or the amount of state funding to which an open enrollment charter school would be entitled.性视界传媒

All of Longview ISD性视界传媒檚 campuses belong to one of several charter school operators. Wayne Guidry, Longview ISD性视界传媒檚 assistant superintendent of finance, said current SB 1882 funding is $13,997,175.

性视界传媒淭hese additional funds have allowed LISD to pursue innovation within our classrooms and assure we are able to recruit and retain the best staff in East Texas,性视界传媒 Guidry said.

I didn性视界传媒檛 find any other SB 1882 charter schools in the immediate East Texas area. You can find a list of all the SB 1882 charter schools at .

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A: You may write to the Princess of Wales, Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, at Kensington Palace, London W8 4PU, United Kingdom.

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